Advanced B2 and C classes: What does Morocco need to become an innovative country? priorities and strategies.

Critical thinking: A shift from in-formal to formal debate:


Last class, we have shed some light on the characteristics of the top 10 most creative countries in the world. We had a long debate about how they reached the greatest levels. Our main material was:


Today’s class will be dedicated to the same issue. Yet, we will switch from an informal discussion to a formal one. As a student writer you should follow the following recommendations:

1- State your premise: The idea on which you will base your argument. It should be the topic sentence.

2- It should be ONE idea: Please discuss one idea

3- Your arguments: Use a reliable resource ( exp: Business Insider , Bloomberg, Visual Capitalist, Forbes, The Guardian)

4- Your paragraph should include a topic sentence, a supporting topic sentence, a supporting of supporting topic sentence ( YOUR ARGUMENT) and a concluding sentence.

5- Your supporting TS should be rich: 2 or 3 arguments with strong reference (see 3) These can be facts, statistics, quotes, examples…

6- Language: Formal ( please, no short form – don’t, I’m…), use collocations and idioms we have studied, respect punctuation and capitalization

7- paragraph length: 120 – 150 words

Timing: 30 minutes

Future article: A 5 paragraph essay ( co-authors ) To be posted on the Facebook page and website: Monday, May 1, 2020.

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