About Us

Our Values


Be Courteous,tactful and value others

Help each other succeed

Collaborate, support and inspire

Dedication to excellence

Great result, high expectations and big dreams

Continuous improvement

Manage your time and try your very best

Effective Communication

Think twice, actively listen and convincingly speak


Share information and ensure understanding

Our story

I do believe that we unanimously agree with Benjamin Franklin when he said:  Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn so, this is flipped learning philosophy: Involving the students in the learning process to help them not only become successful exam takers, whose parents feel proud to speak about their academic achievements but even influential leaders that the humanity will be proud of their accomplishments. In other words, in terms of learning languages, when we flip, we explicitly complement the main goals of the communicative approach philosophy that some of the teacher wholeheartedly support but unfortunately strive to implement in their classes. As long as the methodology is traditional, the outcome will remain so. In other words, instead of promoting students who communicate effectively, we introduce students who master nothing but speaking.

I do believe that there is a big difference between communicating and speaking. In our classes, which involve theory and practice, we will touch how we can move from parrot students who speak for the sake of speaking or classes dominated by reluctant, introvert, and diffident students to open-minded, creative and outgoing ones in an inclusive class with a teacher receptive to new ideas and very ready to engage his students in leadership building activities including: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. We will see how we can overcome the hugest constraints, including Time, pace and practice. One hand does not clap, what about having many hands: we will warmly applaud the outcome of our effort that our students will warmly keep in their minds for years.


Who We Are

Our Goals :

-Teaching English for different objectives.
-Bossting social and emotional development in and out of school
-Honing the leadership skills
-Building intercultural interaction 

Our Methodology :

– Adopting the 21 Century pedagogy based on modern studies and our researches, published or presented in international conferences. 

Our Courses :

– General English .
– English for specific purposes.
– English for Academic purposes

Our Clients :

– People from all age groups
– Peaple from all walks of life

Course Delivery :

– High Up Academy
– OKE Center
– Online


If you are interested in having an amazing time while learning English, I would highly recommend High up academy. Personally speaking, I have learned many things and developed new leadership skills that will help me in the future.
Ayyoub Bouazizi
A thinker. An inspirer. A leader. Three qualities, among many, I have only learned to develop and demonstrate after enrolling in High Up Academy. High Up was never just a school. It was and will always remain our second home and our safe harbor where we can freely be ourselves.
Kawtar Latifi
High up academy is the best place to learn English. What I like most about it is how fun the lessons can be. The teachers are very humble and passionate about teaching us new things. From a personal experience, I have developed new skills including writing as well as speaking.
Mohammed amine lemtalsi