Article 3: How does multiculturalism promote social inclusion? ( deadline: May 26, 2020)

One month of deep discussions, sometimes hard going, about multiculturalism in the USA and then in the UK, and after exploring how the Muslim NGOs including IMAN and Latinos ‘ interest in converting to Islam and finally discussing how Londoners voted in favor of a Muslim Mayor, apart from shedding light on the greatest scientist Moncif Sellaoui, it is time to write a 3 paragraph essay answering the following question:

How does multiculturalism promote social inclusion?

PARAGRAPH1: Example of introductions: It is undeniable that multiculturalism has been one of the most enigmatic and debatable issues in the recent decades. The vast majority of the experts assert that it should a world priority. It  helps inclusion instead of division / exclusion, which leads to extremism / fanaticism.
PARAGRAPH2: Development: The topic sentence: Multiculturalism helps the development of social inclusion ( you can use a similar TS)
CONCLUSION: A conclusion is composed of three parts: part1: you restate the topic sentence. part two a brief elaboration. part 3: offer an advice, ask a question or close your essay with a quote.

Introductions examples:https://docs.google.com/document/d/15bfO5g_Cy_GcjSllqPNf_lerncYZXaKi98eRMsJ3SqQ/edit?usp=sharing

Please, the deadline is Tuesday, May 26 – 6:00 pm.

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