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Use an expression of result: Hence - Thus

Added On Wednesday, December 9, 2020 Leadership: Happiness!

Ayoub Farsi: Money make happiness in the case when a person live in a country where there is not a good hospitals, schools etc.for instant when someone is ill in Morocco and he is rich he will go to private hospital and get the best health care and vise versa for the poor one he will go to public hospital and no one care if he is sick they will always say to him go and return back next time. So for the rich it does not make happiness but for the poor it does because they are deprived from their rights but in some countries like we saw in a video about Finland there is an equality between the strata of society . So to finish we don't need lot of money to be happy ,but we need a mount of money that guarantee to us a decent living

Excellent work Miss Khawla: great ideas and very good English. The way you structure your ideas is very good. Keep it up and be proud of your level.

Excellent work from a very special student. I am so happy to see you in our B2a class. I am very sure that you fly higher in a very short time.

very good work Ilyana. Excellent organization. I see how fast you are progressing. I hope your speaking will follow the writing steps. Best