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No Worry! Corona will not stop our classes. Keep your schedule.


Dear leaders, We are problem solvers. We have always spoken about finding solutions. Our classes will be at the same time, but online. Please, follow the following steps: a- download …

High Up Academy’s book club


High up academy’s book club will start its first session in reading in Saturday 7th of march at 17:00 o’clock. all of our leaders are welcome

Song: One day ( The deadline is Sunday 26th midnight.)


Hi guys, How are you doing? I’m sure you’re fine. This week we will work on a wonderful song: One day. This song will help us deal with a wonderful …

Levels: A2 and B1 juniors – Grammar: Superlatives ( The deadline is: Wednesday January 08, 2020)


Hello dear students! How are you? I hope you are doing fine. In the previous OCA (out-of-class activity), we talked about “comparatives”. Today, we are going to learn about “superlatives”. …

Unit2: Smart cities: Singapore ( Pre- Film activities)

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Dear friends, This month our focus will be on Singapore, which is one of the most developed and smartest cities in the world. We will explore the reasons of their …

Weather and seasons ( Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 ( Midday)


Hi my kids! I hope you are doing well 🙂 This week we study: Weather and seasons part2. Do your work to: a- develop your listening skills. b- improve your …

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Very good use of linking words. For B1 students, it is very good. Please, recheck some spelling mistakes. All the best,

Thank you Hala for your super essay. It is very well organized: Very use of linking words, vocabulary and quotes. I hope you will have a lot of readers. I do love it and love the way you take the English classes so seriously. A Leader Inshae Allah.

Added On Sunday, October 27, 2019 CLUB SUBSCRIPTION

Very soon. I hope the club leaders move :(