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Collocations and useful expressions to describe emotions (March21,2020) Song comments zoom students voc

London description P2P vocabulary (March21,2020)

Describing a song More in class vocabulary C class (March24,2020)

Vocabulary building B+ classes collocations March 26

Cultural legacy1 Critical thinking activity, completed on March 27,2020

review of the vocabulary day one and day two Quiz to squeeze 1 (Wed,April 8, 2020)

Cultural legacy ( updates) Thursday , April 9, 2020

Useful expression to describe a chart, graphics (April26,2020)

Cultural legacy (April26,2020)


Multiculturalism RRRR (May 6,2020)

Summer Grammar 1( June 7-6-2020) Tenses review, passive voice, wish and conditional.

WWYD lessons W1 and 2 (June 16, 2020)

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