Bekas ( Feedback: Visual intelligence) – The deadline is Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019 –

Dear friends,
Last week, we watched Bekas. Then, we completed a number of activities in class: SHAC Time, Smart Q and fluency. Later on, we started our feedback; we dedicated 30 minutes of our class to visual intelligence activities.


This weekend, we will focus on poster / picture description . By the end of the coming week, we will have developed our:
1- Visual intelligence: How you interpret / describe a picture using your imagination.
2- Writing skills: How to write short concise sentences, with good punctuation and capitalization
3- Vocabulary: How to use our vocabulary in a good way.

The link is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8lSNox8k9d1NX8zPO1Kj_Cr1sEHMV4KNB2XiKZQG_aI4RBw/viewform

The deadline is Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019

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