Blog Com: Poverty causes on the basis of our Community service activity

After watching the film minimalism and worked a project S&S which stands for save money to save people around you, we had an amazing experience of Bake Sale: you cooked, collected donations, prepared food and bought clothes for more than 500 kids. Then, we tried to analyze the reasons of poverty in some neighborhoods in Berkane.

After the critical thinking activity, we completed two major inspiring creative thinking activities: Creative fluency and creative flexibility. Thenafter, we had a great time thinking deeply to find the tap roots of the phenomenon: It was about originality. We were so lucky to see students in teams figuring out original causes, including: divorce, inherited illiteracy, migration and the list goes on. After the new activity Fair-Chat and mini- public speaking, we are going to share our ideas online.

The question is: Decide one cause of poverty from the list you have prepared in class and discuss it. Provide some convincing arguments to prove that your idea is a right idea.

Also, comment on ONE post.

The deadline is Fiday, February 22

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