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Young innovators 1


Hi guys,After speaking about innovation and creativity and have seen the difference between both, now move to exploring some young innovators’ experience. The main goals are developing:– Reading comprehension– Listening comprehension– Leadership– writing Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc89jZmizS6AdJaYKi8Wlh00wlZu0EngqvyyeGl1lYz4iHicw/viewform Deadline: Monday, April 20 -Midday

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Evaluation of the 100% online classes ( PLEASE, this is not an out of class activity)

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Dear friends,After three weeks online, I need to evaluate my lessons and the way we have been studying. Please, answer the following questionnaire FRANKLY and openly.The methods we are adopting are: Flipped learning, as you do the out of class …

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Critical thinking: Innovator… not imitator ( Deadline is Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Hello guys, This week we will practice more critical thinking. Our issue is innovation vs imitation. In class we read Bayane’s analysis of the quote. Today, we will deepen our discussion. We will give our opinion: Do you agree or …

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In- class activity: Describing a living room – Adults class.


Please, read the paragraphs that I selected below, the vocabulary card and the visual aid. Then describe the new picture

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Practice descriptive vocabulary (Deadline: Sunday, March 29, 2020 midnight. )


Hiya,This weekend, we will try to capitalize on the vocabulary we have acquired in the recent classes. Our first paragraph will be dedicated will be dedicated to:a- visual intelligence task. We will re-describe it, differently.b- A mixture of description and …

A2 / B1 Adults, B1 ( Juniors and others), B2/C

Practice: describing London (The deadline is: Sunday, March 29, 2020 – 6:00 pm)


Hi guys,This weekend, we will work on using our vocabulary that we got at the following links: https://highupacademy.com/a2-class-vocabulary-for-descriptive-essays-week1/This link will offer you a lot of vocabulary, especially: a- Vocabulary building B1 and A2 classes collocations (March 23,2020) Correction of the …

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Vocabulary building1 A2/B1 students ( deadline Monday23, March) morning


hello guys,This week, as we planned earlier we will focus on building our vocabulary. Part1:We will focus on:1- Word building2- adjectives + prepositions, 3- collocations,4- idioms. Part2: This will be dedicate to communication.1- Writing: descriptive essays. NB: You can use …

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Innovator, not imitator! (week1) (Deadline: Monday23, March)


Dear leaders, How are you doing?After Being yourself, this week, we will move to innovator… NOT imitator. It is a wonderful subject that will inspire us and help us become more interested in”shaking” our imagination and creativity.The main goals are:– …

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Cultural Awareness ( The feedback material) ( For the following days: Wed, Thr and Friday)


Dear leaders, This week, we will explore more and more the British cultural heritage. I sent you the OCA ( Please, check the following link: https://highupacademy.com/cultural-awareness-britain-london/) Our second class, we will analyze the different answers and have a deeper and …

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Be Yourself ( week2) Feedback


Dear Leaders, After completing the OCA, now it is high time to move to the online in-class activities. 1- Feedback: Click on Be Yourself week 2 2- Activity2: Use the expressions below and write a short motivational speech. Keep in …

A2 / B1 Adults, B1 ( Juniors and others), B2/C

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