A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

Ramadan: Muslims in the world: Writing Practice1


Dear friends,Last week, our OCA was about Ramadan: Muslims in the world. In class we completed the following activities:a- SHACb- Feedback: The Gift Talk. This activity helped us explore new vocabulary about Adhan broadcast on TV and over loudspeaker in …

A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid), B1 ( Juniors and others)

Describing Cities: New York – Times Square – Practice – The deadline is Monday, April 17, 2020.


Hi guys,This activity is a practice to boost your vocabulary and writing skills. I see most of you are writing much better than before. But need more practice. We need to know how to use our vocabulary in a better …

A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

Describing cities: New York – Times Square –


Hello guys,How are you doing?After visiting London and exploring its wonderful monuments and museums, we have moved to New York City . The first place we saw was: The Statue of Liberty. This week, we will visit Times Square.The main …

A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

Evaluation of the 100% online classes ( PLEASE, this is not an out of class activity)

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Dear friends,After three weeks online, I need to evaluate my lessons and the way we have been studying. Please, answer the following questionnaire FRANKLY and openly.The methods we are adopting are: Flipped learning, as you do the out of class …

A2 / B1 Adults, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid), B1 ( Juniors and others), B2/C

Descriptive essay- Describing Madrid- (The deadline is: Sunday, April 2, 2020)


Dear friends,Last week we tried to describe London. Then, we described Paris. This week, our city will be: Madrid, in Spain.Please, use the same vocabulary we studied to describe our selected city. AVOID any additional information. The link is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScff8KgBffmBGNdvXN3fcI4cHJCnaHfHyg0RjFSjZYYBolzcg/viewform …

A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

Describing historic places: London


Last classes, we worked on descriptive vocabulary. We saw how to describe London. Then, we had practice in our Out Of Class activities. Today, we will have more practice so that we can assimilate the vocabulary we studied. Please, re-describe …

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Practice: describing London (The deadline is: Sunday, March 29, 2020 – 6:00 pm)


Hi guys,This weekend, we will work on using our vocabulary that we got at the following links: https://highupacademy.com/a2-class-vocabulary-for-descriptive-essays-week1/This link will offer you a lot of vocabulary, especially: a- Vocabulary building B1 and A2 classes collocations (March 23,2020) Correction of the …

A2 / B1 Adults, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

Weekly debate: Offices in future (A2 level)


Do you believe that remote work will be a priority in future. The offices can disappear? Justify. ( The debate last for 1 week)

A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

Vocabulary building1 A2/B1 students ( deadline Monday23, March) morning


hello guys,This week, as we planned earlier we will focus on building our vocabulary. Part1:We will focus on:1- Word building2- adjectives + prepositions, 3- collocations,4- idioms. Part2: This will be dedicate to communication.1- Writing: descriptive essays. NB: You can use …

A2 / B1 Adults, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid), B1 ( Juniors and others), Uncategorized

I am Potential: Critical thinking activities ( A2 juniors) – Deadline is Tuesday, April 15, 2020


Hi guys,How are you? I am sure all of are fine. I miss you but we will meet, online. Before we meet this week, we will have to complete the out of class activities that you will surely love.Our hero, …

A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

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