Grammar: Tenses review and present perfect – part1


-Hello leaders,This week, our focus will be tenses. Our OCA will be divided into two different parts:a- This week: Review of the following tenses: simple present, present continuous, past simple and past continuous.b- Next week: New lesson: Present perfect Let’s …

A2, B1 ( Juniors and others)

A2 c and A2 Juniors: Ramadan Jokes (1) ( Deadline is Tuesday night or Wednesday morning)


Hi Leaders, Do you love humor? This weekend, we will have a crazy activity: Joke translation. In other words, we will watch a wonderful Comedian – Abdelkader Secteur. His show is in Arabic, but WE will translate it into English. …

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

Motivational speech ( the deadline is Tuesday, May 14)


Dear leaders, We have answered in class the following question: How the film ” I am Potential ” is very impressive. Your reply was: Patrick have great qualities: he is determined to show his potential, he believes in himself and …

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

A2 classes Creative writing: describing an adventure ( The deadline is Monday,22 April)


I thin you remember Bear’s adventure. We will get inspired and write a story answering the following question: You volunteer to help some tourists stuck/trapped in a jungle. Describe the different things you did and the challenges you faced beofre …

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

May 1- Cultural day: The student leadership


Dear friends,Thank you for participating in the upcoming great cultural day that is very similar to international conferences. The main objectives are: a- exploring how we organize conferences b- building more socio-emotional and leadership skills: delivering presentations, communication, collaboration, critical …

A2, A2 ( Mr. Fayssal), A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid), B1 ( Juniors and others), B2/C, Leadership

Early bird Subscription for July and September


Dear Friends, The English department has started the subscription for both summer classes and the upcoming school year. – Summer classes will be from July 1, to July 31 – School year starts on September 2, 2019If you are interested …

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid), B1 ( Juniors and others), B2/C

Movie 5: I am Potential A2c juniors and B1a ( the deadline is Sunday, April 14, 2019)


Dear friends, I am so happy that you loved the film. It is a wonderful true story. To learn more, we will have some questions to answer. These will help us learn more vocabulary and develop our writing, speaking, listening …

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

The Weekly OKE Leadership Talk: Rayan


This week, together we will explore some interesting tips of a better friendly communication. The Grab and Go tips will be very useful to help avoid speaking about touchy subjects, being loquacious and even gossipy. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUxVI_wu_LY&feature=youtu.be Happy Learning ๐Ÿ™‚

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid), B1 ( Juniors and others), B2/C, Leadership, Video

The Weekly OKE Leadership Talk


This week, we invite Merriam Smaha to speak about how you can turn your dreams into goals. Her presentation is not only inspirational but also instructive.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC6REMa6yiM&t=73s Enjoy and Happy learning ๐Ÿ™‚

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid), B1 ( Juniors and others), B2/C, COMMUNITY, Leadership

Out of Class activity: Film 4: Little Red Wagon ( week 2) ((Deadline Tuesday, March 12)


Hi leaders, This week is the continuity of week one. We had the SHAC Time and smart questions. This week we will use the acquired vocabulary in a context. We will explore how we can use our vocabulary to describe …

A2, A2 Juniors (Mr. Khalid)

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