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Video experience: Hand in hand


After making the wonderful video that you will never forget as it shows your speaking talents, in 50 words, describe your emotion when you watched it. Also, what are the things we need to work more on to reach the …

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Issue: What is the best way to take care of the elderly?


When people get elder, they become more anxious about the age – related psychological problems, including loneliness and depression. While some experts think about the nursing homes where they can stay, others opt for befriending but recently multi-generational household becomes …

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Water pollution


Dear leaders,This week, we will study about water pollution. Please, watch the video and answer the questions below. What are the causes and consequences of water pollution? This lesson will help us build more vocabulary about water pollution. In addition …

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Save the Earth: Air pollution: Lead


After watching some scenes and videos about Lead, See: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C_xOwgdzyK52EaxxxbKOlC8ZHL4qYpl7/view?usp=sharing we are supposed to write a 3 three paragraph essay: An introduction, development and conclusion. The question is: What are the effects of the Lead pollution. The introduction should include …

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Student volunteering: Important but the students reluctant.


It is beyond the shadow of doubt that volunteering has plenty of merits. Nevertheless, most of the students are reluctant. Write a 2 part paragraph: state some of the benefits or volunteering and introduce some of the reasons why the …

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Film: John Q. Critical thinking: Healthcare system in the US. The ambulance ride.


After watching the videos and reading the stories and extracts, answer the following question: The problems of the healthcare system in the US starts with the ambulance rides. Discuss. The topic sentence: The problems of healthcare system in the USA …

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HIGH UP Academy Flipping Films – The Social Dilemma – Stage 3: Critical thinking:


We spent one month analyzing the film: The Social Dilemma. This was covered in: a- Out Of Class Activities and then In-Class Activities. This latter included: SHAC Time, Language Feedback and now we stop at the third stage: Critical thinking. …

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Leadership: Happiness!


Last class, we started a ” traditional” debate: Does money make happiness? we stopped at 3 different materials: a- An article that shows that “… our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on …

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Debate2: The impact of parents’ smartphone addiction on the kids


Write a one paragraph essay describing the consequences of the parents’ addiction to the smartphone

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Debate of the week: Social Dilemma – Post movie discussion:


What are the practical measures one should take to keep benefiting from the social media and not being a victim of the manipulation? ( Suggested by: Youssef Gharafi)

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