HIGH UP Students’ opinions: Cultural legacy, why and how to preserve it?


The culture of an area is loosely defined by the arts, music, language, and dance found in that region. It takes many different shapes and styles across the globe and is often influenced by the past. You come to know …

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Motivational speeches: Be yourself


Subject: Write down a motivational speech to motivate people to be themselves

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Vocabulary Practice:Descriptive essays: Describing London ( March22, 2020)


Class: B1 and B2: Subject: Write a paragraph to describe London, using collocation.

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love your work and focus ( Ouiam Moumen)


Once I read somewhere success is the outcome of what you do, not of who you are or how you look and that really hit me deep because as a learner there are traits that we should all strive to …

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Passion… Passion ( Ayat Rhomari)


Jackson Brown once said: “Love your work, then you will find pleasure in mastering it.” Finding your passion is the key to your success. In fact, passion strengthens confidence, and confident people become great leaders and earn the respect of …

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Success: how can you be achieved? ( Barae Fethi)


Seven years ago, a high school student from a poor family was sat next to Richard on a plane; she picked his brain on what leads to success. Richard John felt so bad since he couldn’t give her a good …

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Education: Say No to exclusion. -Meriem Btiti.


Cyndi lauper was right as she said :” I believe a strong society is an inclusive society , if we want to win big then we’d better include everybody because we need everybody ” . It is beyond a shadow …

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Children left behind – Kawty –


Instead of being at school to learn how they can make their living, these down-at-heel ragged children, with putrid smell, grimy faces, matted hair and mucky feet spend their gloomy day in the most insalubrious and ruinous area in the …

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