Coach Carter: From Critical thinking to creative thinking: Elaboration and innovation (deadline is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16,2018)

Dear friends,

One of the most important issues that the film Coach Carter highly stresses is the group work or team work. last week, we went through different stages:

a- SHAC, SQ, Summary com.

b- Critical thinking: Poster com. (visual intelligence and opinion sharing)

c- Video-passage jigsaw: Creative fluency and flexibility activities

d- Next week, we will have a debate on how we can implement group work in our schools. The goal of this debate is to deepen our understanding of the teamwork benefits and challenges.

e- The final stage before we move to CAP (creativity in public),  we have to analyze a very interesting interview about: Education to employment: skill-building rather than “parroting”.

Thus, we will launch an online FORMAL debate.

Please, watch the following video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHt-5-RyrJk

and answer 1( ONE) of the following questions: ( PLEASE, PROVIDE ARGUMENTS)

1- Do you agree with him when he speaks about teachers?

2-Do you agree with him when he says that education should change?

3- Do you agree with Jack Ma when he compares the Humans with Machines?

4- Do you agree with him about the skills that we must teach?

5- Do you agree with him when he insists on sports and arts?

The deadline is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16,2018

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