Creative product: Coach Carter: Team work Peer2Peer Com. (deadline: Tues, Oct. 23)

Dear leaders,

I am so thankful for your great effort , either doing your OCA or the wonderful discussion we have in class. I enjoy watching and learning from you.

This week is the last one dealing with the Film: Coach Carter. Our Product takes two poles:

a- Debating about types of Group work. In the B2 class, we named it: formal and informal. Formal is the one guided by the teacher. Keep in mind, there are 3 types of the group forming: cooperative ( students help each those who are struggling), ability ( groups formed that to the students’ intellectual abilities) and flexible (these are more open). Yet, the informal group work is the one that students create with their friends to cooperate in order to complete their homework or understand some lessons. Next week, our debate is more about the differences, challenges and solutions. In every class we will decide speakers who will introduce a background and animate the discussion.

b- The second pole is conducted by a team of SUPER AMAZING GUYS, they are most of them connected with sports as practitioners and even Champions, namely Naoufel Ghannami who is a Moroccan Champion in athleticism.  We wish him a very good luck. Those guys are going to visit many classes to speak about sports’ benefits, apart from being a game. We call this activity: It is more than a game. They will visit classes and discuss with the students in different languages, mainly English and French. Then, they are supposed to have a discussion with American students, using iearn platform.

This week, I want you to dedicate some 20 minutes to: select a students from your class or even another class and comment on his/her post. Say whether you agree or not. But, please, offer convincing arguments.

PLEASE, try not to target ONE person. Keep a balanced discussion.

Please read the instructions below, before you post:


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