Creative writing: A broken up family ( October from 5 to 9, 2018)

Dear leaders,
This weekend, we have to imagine and create a story to describe a broken up family. Please, Use the vocabulary we had in class and some beautiful expressions that some of our friends used in their essays , in the recent years. check the following link: http://www.okecenter.com/index.php/category/student/
Imagine an Afro-American or Hispanic family who are undocumented or accused of being gang members. Therefore, the kids are separated from their parents. Describe:
1- The time ( autumn, winter) : night.
2- The weather: ( wind blows, rainy night…)
3- The place: at the border ( dull hall)
4- The mother / father write a  letter to describe the situation.:
a- How they feel
b- what they eat
c- where they sleep
5- The patrol officers come to take the kids
6- Can they be reunited or no?
The deadline is Next Tuesday MIDNIGHT.

Please write down your answers in the box (comment)

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