Creative writing: Describing Akeelah winning


Dear friends,

How are you? This week we will have creative writing. It is a writing based on using imagination and the wonderful vocabulary. Please watch the video at this link:

Then, describe Akeelah’s feeling, Dylan and their families. Please use the vocabulary we studied in class. Your essay should be in around 50 words.

Useful vocabulary:
  1. Have a broad smile on her face (broad = large)
  2. Akeelah grins (= smiles) from ear to ear.
  3. To be in cheerful mood.
  4. To wave cheerily
  5. To be blissfully happy
  6. To be high-spirited
  7. To float on air
  8. To be in full of the joys of spring

Please, consider the punctuation, capital letters, and the spelling.

The deadline is next Tuesday, December 18.