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This week, we will start exploring some cultures and countries connected to English Language. This is called cultural awareness. It means we will become more aware of some cultures. The first lesson is knowing Britain. We will focus on London that some of you have already visited and I am sure that many will visit. It is a worth visiting place. Our material will include: a song, videos and a film in class.

Our objectives are:
a- understanding the cultural aspects of great cities in the world.
b- connecting learning English with exploring the countries that we use their language. (We should learn a language without knowing the cultural aspects of the countries it comes from)
c- increasing our cultural awareness ( becoming more open-minded) of the world we are living in since it is a multicultural world.
d- debunking the stereotype ( This means showing that what people believe about sth is wrong)
d- building more our daily vocabulary.

The link is:
The deadline: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 ( Midday)
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