Cultural Events: Al Eid. The deadline is Sunday – Midday –

After completing the different Rs, we will try to write a 5 paragraph essay about the social and cultural importance of celebrating the cultural events, including Eid Al Adha Adha, with the family. Please, state the different challenges and suggest some solutions.

The question: Celebrating cultural feasts is no more a priority as it was in the past. Discuss

1- Introduction:

2- Development: Paragraph1, use the information we studied and speak about Al Eid benefits. Paragraph2: what are the main reasons people are not very motivated to celebrate Al Eid, please use the recent lesson. Paragraph 3: suggest some solution to Al Eid Happier ( last class, we spoke about: mass media’s role to motivate people, school role to offer the students’ good cultural education and finally, adopting some traditional habits modernizing others)

3- Conclusion

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