Film 5: Plastic Oceans ( B1 + levels)

Dear leaders,
Summer is always special. It is special because people go on vacation and it is special because it is the season that know the hugest mass of trash, namely plastic. People prefer the seaside places but unfortunately they turn them into hells. We, altogether, are guilty and victims. We are responsible for the disasters we cause and victims of its ripple and insidious effects that happen. How many complain families about allergies? How many kids get some unexpected and unpredictable diseases?
Hence, as leaders, who care about the world around us, we feel empathy with the sufferers and always think about a better, healthier, safer life for all. It is time to ask, know and react to this calamitous phenomenon: Plastic pollution.
Last week, we covered some badly needed vocabulary. This week we saw a documentary, entitled Plastic Oceans. Now, it is high time to learn, analyze, evaluate, communicate and create. So, together, we will do it 🙂
The link is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVrDjmHpUgGFvJxa_OdEhHR7RKJ6Rody1mEeXPzVaOc42YnA/viewformThe deadline is: Saturday: June 22, 2019


From knowing comes caring and from caring come change.
Happy knowing, learning, caring and changing.

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