HIGH UP Academy Flipping Films – The Social Dilemma – Stage 3: Critical thinking:

We spent one month analyzing the film: The Social Dilemma. This was covered in: a- Out Of Class Activities and then In-Class Activities. This latter included: SHAC Time, Language Feedback and now we stop at the third stage: Critical thinking. For the first time, we will adopt a technique we name: in-ward – Outward Analysis:

a- Outward ( the outward is based on extracting issues that the film openly discuss) : manipulation: how the social media manipulate elections, people’s choice…. Addiction: people cannot live without SM. Fake news: how social media spread fake news more than true ones.

b- Inward : (The inward is based on reinforcing the main film theme with ideas, subjects discussed elsewhere): We have dealt with articles that indirectly support the film plot: selfie-dysmorphia, technoference and pathological video game use.

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