Hi, I’m Khalid FETHI

Principal and English Teacher

Teaching English for different objectives

  • Honing the leadership skills
  • Boosting social and emotional development
  • Building intercultural communication

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Khalid FETHI Principal and English Teacher

Hi, I’m Khalid FETHI, a Moroccan educator. I run my own language center Oum El Koura language Center that my student prefer to call OKE ( www.okecenter.com) . After my BA in 1995, I have taken series of trainings; The most interesting ones are CELTA in the UK, which was a turning point in my career, e-moderating online courses at IH in London, advanced teaching methodologies in Oxford. I was nominated for the IVLP program that the US Embassy in Morocco sponsors in 2014. I participated in FlipCon15 in Michigan and last but not least Co- moderated TESOL EVO Flipped learning sessions for three consecutive years. I have been flipping my lessons since 2014. I am more interested in working on building the students’ leadership skills through flipped films.