Let’s Celebrate this EID with poor, orphan and needy children.

Hi leaders!
First of all, I wish you all a happy Eid. Have a grand feast and enjoy your time with your family.
Well, As the Eid-al-adha is being celebrated in the whole world, rich people should not forget poor, having no resources to celebrate the religious festival. Every year, we miss this unique chance to create harmony and love in the world and to cover the distance between rich and poor and to decrease the social disparity. Although, numerous ways are there to assist our poor brothers who are not gifted with much wealth.
So together we will discover what can we do to rise a smile on this needy people.
Today’s work complements our vocab we had in-class. Please, enjoy learning; Imagining, describing and enjoy writing in a beautiful way.
The link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFZY8Yw1EKPGelDydqSV-Yp7cVroiRd6c6E33Np7U3mf-Z0Q/viewform

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