LEVELS: B2b-c and C class: Innovate to learn… How can we help teachers?

This month has been dedicated to promoting innovative teachers. It is easy to put the blame on teachers and the way they teach. Hence, this lesson ( Reproduce, which is the 5th Level of our class) is about Problem solving. As students, we will try to suggest solutions that we discussed along today’s class in the following activities: Reflect (we watched a motivational speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqTTojTija8&t=139s) Then, we flew to the Padlet world where we exposed our solution https://padlet.com/highupacademy/j9gneass2cis7d5e It is a resolve stage. NOW, each student writes one paragraph using the Padlet posts S-S-S that his/ her team suggested.

The question is: How can we help the teachers become innovators?

High Up Academy: Peer Learning activity

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