Movie 1: The life of Pi – A2 Juniors class ( Deadline is Monday, October 7, 2019)

Dear leaders,
How are you? I am sure you are fine.


Last Wednesday, we watched a wonderful film, entitled The Life of Pi. Now, it is time to do the out of class activities.

The goals:
1- Learn more vocabulary to describe some situations
2- Learn more vocabulary about adventures and wild animals
3- Develop your imagination and become more creative: You can create stories, in future.
4- Learn how to think and answer the questions smartly
5- Learn how to write essays and summaries.
6- Get ready to communicate and discuss with your friends in class
7- learn how to share ideas with your classmates.
8- When you do the out of class activities, you will be more active in class. You will also become more confident to speak to anyone.
9- When you do the out of class activities, you will have more ideas and information.

To complete your Out Of Class Activities, Please check the following link:


The deadline is Monday, October 7, 2019

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