Post- Project presentation: How can we motivate the students to use libraries? ( Deadline: January 7, 2020)

Dear leaders,

How are you doing? I hope you are great!

Do you remember the following stages:

1- Watching a movie entitled: The Boy who Harnessed the Wind.

2- Out of Class activities (OCA): These covered the following skills: visual intelligence, vocabulary, comprehension, written communication and smart question.

3- In-class activities: Shac Time, Smart question Com. Fluency, Feedback. The feedback covered visual intelligence, summary and vocabulary. Then, we moved to critical thinking; our leadership subject was Optimism.The last stage was: Creative thinking. We prepared projects about how we can motivate students to use the libraries. Simultaneously, we had a song entitled Champion.

This week, we will have a global recap. PLEASE, Choose 1 question and answer it. Then, comment on one of your classmates’ posts

1- Leadership:

a- How can Optimism help a student/ person achieve his goals?

2- Issue:

a- How can a library change people’s lives?

b- Do you believe that a library should also include movies?

c- How can an in-class library motivate the students to read?

d- What is a 21st century library like?

e- What are the qualities of a modern librarian?

f- How can a book talk motivate the students to read more books?

g- How can a mobile library encourage people to read books?

h- What do you prefer, a paper book or an e-book?

Please, post your paragraph down.

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