After revising the following tenses: Present and Past ( simple and continuous), it is time to move to the present perfect. It is one of the hardest tenses in English, for two reasons: it does not exist in Arabic and French. Also, it is the most used tense in English. I think you people / teachers asking you: have you finished? Have you done …? Have you been to London?… This should not scare you. We will make our lesson simple and easy. In case you face any problem before you post, you can email or text me to get some help. Besides, you can ask your friends from different levels. This is collaboration.

PLEASE, check the correction of the tenses we had last week: https://highupacademy.com/a2-class-vocabulary-for-descriptive-essays-week1/

It is called Tenses R

Please, complete your work before Sunday midday.

The link is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSetPqib3o4ypsMa3BmhWtczdaqtonAGq7WbTdPxC9AuMOwoOA/viewform

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