Project Survey: OKE establishes a new English Language center in Karakcho

Dear friends,
We are thinking of establishing a Separate English Language Center in my “Villa” in Karaksho neighborhood, near Houar mosque. This idea has come as a result of noticing that OKE center becomes more crowded and the space is becoming an issue. Hence, I have decided to turn my home into an English Center with:

1- all the needed facilities and modern equipment
2- a cafeteria and
3- more green space for interaction.
4- A mini bus to commute from OKE and the new center is part of our plan.

I will be so happy to know your and your parents’ opinion.

This center can start in June 2018 if you have a favorable idea

The link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQGtZF9I_FTxZYuND9l6hXGOZz11FPjegMRSKRtj2cm0tPTA/viewform
The deadline is Friday.

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