TOEFL reading comprehension: Vocabulary practice (deadline is Sunday, July 14)


  1. The vital laws of geologic succession were not fully understood until the end of the

eighteenth century.

(A) erratic

(B) complex

(C) legitimate

(D) indispensable

  1. It is a familiar phenomenon that an object released above the Earth’s surface accelerates

toward the Earth.

(A) positioned.

(B) freed

(C) transported

(D) observed

  1. The Earth’s magnetic fields have been investigated with increasing accuracy for over one

hundred years.

(A) probed

(B) dissected

(C) attracted

(D) repelled

  1. In 1835, James Espy began extensive studies of storms from which he developed a theory

to explain their sources of energy.

(A) documented

(B) Precise

(C) crucial

(D) comprehensive

  1. One of the most beneficial effects of the automobile has been to permit nearly everyone in

the automotive countries to travel for recreation.

(A) adverse

(B) advantageous

(C) fundamental

(D) practical

  1. A major shift in propulsion technology during the postwar period caused the world to

adopt jet propulsion as the power source for military and passenger aircraft.

(A) expansion

(B) advance

(C) switch

(D) discovery

  1. Throughout the nineteenth century, a succession of improvements in textile machinery

steadily increased the volume of cloth and garment production.

(A) attractiveness

(B) refinement

(C) quantity

(D) caliber

  1. The human environment, in the biological sense, is chiefly a hostile one.

(A) mostly

(B) actually

(C) normally

(D) partially

  1. All of the outer surfaces of the human body are covered with microorganisms that are

potentially harmful.

(A) intolerable

(B) annoying

(D) unhealthy

  1. One remarkable form of communication among insects is the dance language of the


(A) substantial

(B) exceptional

(C) mysterious

(D) tangible

  1. The celebrated beauty of Maine’s landscape and the character of its people have given the

state a stature beyond its political and economic importance.

(A) renowned

(B) appealing

(C) incredible

(D) scenic

  1. In the United Nations, controversies generated by political differences are generally settled

by compromise.

(A) exaggerated

(B) created

(C) enhanced

(D) eroded

  1. The United States sustains an economic life that is more diversified than any other on.


(A) accelerated

(B) distinct

(C) impressive

(D) varied

  1. Remains of ancient people dating to 9000 B.C. have been found in the state of Ohio.

(A) indigenous

(B) frail

(C) early

(D) conserved

  1. Hawaii is economically vigorous, with extensive agriculture and manufacturing, and is a

Pacific Basin transportation and cultural center.

(A) advantaged

(B) dependable

(C) involved

(D) strong

  1. The unique nature of viruses requires careful study to determine how they develop in host


(A) rage

(B) vague

(C) resilient

(D) intriguing

  1. Active volcanoes are scattered over the area of the Earth known as the Ring of Fire.

(A) feared

(B) discovered

(C) distributed

(D) grouped

  1. Theodore Roosevelt regarded vaudeville as an amusing North American pastime.

(A) abusive

(B) interesting

(C) enriching

(D) archaic

  1. Most migrant workers move in a well-established pattern according to the season of the

regions where they work.

(A) area

(B) way

(C) group

(D) habit

  1. The standard definition of writing highlights the fact that writing is in principle the

representation of language rather than a direct representation of thought.

(A) mentions

(B) conceals

(C) emphasizes

(D) distorts

  1. An intensification of internal stress and conflict among social, racial, and ideological

groups has had profound effects on education in the twentieth century.

(A) disruptive

(B) significant

(C) unavoidable

(D) debilitating

  1. Visible light is the most familiar form of electromagnetic radiation (4).

(A) perceivable

(B) blinding

(C) dim

(D) measurable

  1. Emotions influence the way humans conceive and interpret the world around them.

(A) modify

(B) mirror

(C) clarify

(D) overcome

  1. All great encyclopedia makers have tried to objectively present (1) an accurate picture of


(A) an acceptable

(B) a balanced

(C) an enlightening

(D) a worthwhile

  1. Conservative groups and artists in Hollywood have never been able to sustain a beneficial

lasting relationship.

(A) gratifying

(B) enduring

(C) worthwhile

(D) reliable

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