Unit 2: The 4th industrial Age ( B1) (deadline: October 30)

Dear Leaders,After completing the first unit that we can entitle: Education first. We have covered a lot of issues:


a- Education and distraction: we spoke about sports that should come after education.
b- Education in the 21st Century: It is based more on cooperating rather than competing. We discussed the importance of the Group work that teachers should implement if they really intend to prepare students for the digital world. The students must have the personal cognitive and non-cognitive skills to interact with people and the world around them. I think we spoke more about the shift from knowledge acquisition to leading in teams by sharing, supporting and caring about others; knowing that your success depends on the others’ success. Equally important, we tackled the different challenges of group work, either in-class as most of the teachers do not implement it due to personal or pedagogical reasons and then we tried to find the tap reasons and suggested some viable solutions. last but not least, we spoke about how can we reform our society to accept more collaboration rather than remaining ego-centric ( thinking just about oneself).
In terms of Creative learning activities, I have to thank: Hamid Derfaoui, Nouhayla El Ghazi, Chaymae El Guendouzi, Aya El Mazzouji, Ayman El Ghazi, Si Mohamed saidi (Sido), Nizar El Moudden, Rihab Ben Moussa, and Merriam Abbadi. ( In case I forget any, please remind me)

Coming the Cultural Activities in Public ( CAP stage), we are so honored to see the bright participation of some OKE leaders in iearn. I name: Nouyaila El Ghazi, Rasha, Naoufel El Ghennami , then comes :Rayan, Ayman Kaddar and Chadi Choukri. Also, I highly aapreciate the amazing work prepared by B1 class Juniors (I am sorry, I cannot list their names because 95% of the class was highly active)

I should also thank Yasser Bouaydid fro his SUPER GRAMMAR Lesson, in which he adopted technology and tried to share his knowledge with his classmates. We were so thrilled to see how he explained the Conditional.

This week will embark on a new adventure called: The world in the 4th Industrial revolution. We will know more about it and see have we can become active participants rather than survivors. Please be serious and take this issue very seriously. I recommend this week, discovering the 4th Industrial revolution. What is it? How does is work?

Deadline: October 30th, midnight.
Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHbLCoobDklMA60NEPVvT3urrCw3s0v9ANYU1oEPmi6HmyiA/viewform

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