Writing fiction essays: Visiting African Families ( Deadline: October 30)


Dear friends,

We are still dealing with education in Africa.


This week, our lesson is about creative writing ( we write essays based on imagination). We will watch a video and imagine you were asked to visit the Maasai family. Please describe their life, especially education, using the vocabulary we studied in class.

This is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ7wV9DeEqw

Helpful questions:

1- How do the Maasai family live?

2- Where do the kids study? How do they get to school?

3- If the kid studies hard, what can she achieve?

4- What can you say to the Maasai/ Give them some advice.

Your essay should be more than 70 words.

The deadline is Tuesday, October 30.