This is a critical thinking stage: After collecting some data, now we have to analyze and evaluate it. Let’s go step by step. Today, we will complete a paragraph. Then, we move to self- expression. Please, consider the following supports:


1- watch the following video to know more about how to give arguments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9gVWfvuMh8&t=44s

2- You can also read some of the essays in which the students use statistics: https://highupacademy.com/cultural-legacy-why-and-how-to-preserve-it-top-essays-april-2020/


QUESTION: write a 3 paragraph essay to describe an comment on Ben’s experience. Paragraph one: describe the statistics. Please, use the useful examples above. Please, DON’T write a long paragraph… Pargraph 2: Do you agree or disagree with the results.? Paragraph 3: What do you conclude from the research? Keep in mind the different parts of a paragraph.

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